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 Wealth Management & Private Clients

The simple goal of wealth management is to protect and maximize personal and family wealth over generations. Each person may have different philosophies and objectives in approaching their income and estate planning, but we know it takes the coordinated approach of a client’s trusted team of advisors to achieve the best results.

Tax and wealth planning go hand in hand

Tax is an integral part of any wealth management plan. Complex US tax rules make cross-border and generational wealth planning a necessary focus; with serious consequences if ignored. Tax planning is not just about minimizing personal taxes on income and capital, it is about designing a strategic and integrated plan to protect and build wealth over generations by choosing the most tax-efficient structures and investments.

We work with individuals, or as part of the team

US Tax & Financial Services is a unique firm of experienced income and estate planning lawyers and specialist cross-border tax professionals who work together to offer wealth planning advice as well as US tax compliance services. In addition to working with our clients directly, we also work with wealth managers, banks, fund managers, lawyers, IFAs, family offices, trustees and other professionals to ensure that the client has the best possible service.

Our wealth planning services include:

  • Planning through the use of trusts
  • Use of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and corporate asset holding vehicles
  • Assistance in the structuring of funds (i.e. private equity, hedge, real estate, mutual) to determine the US tax consequences for both US and non-US investors (whether individuals or entities) in the funds
  • The review of other types of investment options – insurance, pensions, mutual funds, real estate, asset acquisitions, etc. for US tax consequences, as many are taxed unfavorably compared to other alternatives

Preparation of US Income Tax and informational returns

Preparation of the income tax returns for individuals, trusts, and business entities such, as partnerships, corporations, and funds; as well as the considerable informational returns required for taxpayers residing outside the US, or who have interest or investment in assets or entities outside the US.

These include the following informational returns:

  • Foreign Trust and Beneficiary Forms, Form 3520/3520A
  • Interest in Foreign Corporations, Form 5471
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC), Form 8621
  • Foreign Asset Report, Form 8938
  • Expatriation, Form 8854
  • Foreign Financial Accounts, FBAR (TD F 90-22.1)
  • Transfers to Foreign Corporations, Form 926

Did you Know?

  • Fact Seven

    Thanks to FATCA banks must disclose their American account holders to the IRS or local tax authority.
  • Fact Six

    The IRS is actively looking for non compliant US persons.
  • Fact Five

    It takes an average of 16 hours to do IRS Form 1040.
  • Fact Four

    There are over 500 IRS tax forms.
  • Fact Three

    Since 1916, illegal income has been taxable.
  • Fact Two

    US persons must file tax
    returns no matter where they live and work.
  • Text One

    7 million Americans abroad
    only 500,000 compliant